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The Torah may be an astronomical myth of 16 years 3 days 4 h

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18. Juni 2003
Sorry, leider nur in englisch

The Torah may be an astronomical myth of 16 years 3 days 4 hours and 21-23 minutes

Dear Readers,

with the examples and help of LexiLine and some other sources and with thanking also El Capuccino, a person called Andreas Szabo was able to discover:

- that the entire Tora may be a calendar or star myth of 16 years, 3
days and 21-23 minutes

- this would be the longest movie ever recorded

Some facts:

- The Torah are 5847 Verses
- this is 10 * the synodic cycle of Venus plus 7 days
- this is 2 * Oktaeteris viz 2 * 99 = 198 synodic lunar months

- the Genesis has 1533 Verses
- these are 21 * 73 luni-venusian cycles, similar to Stonehenge (or
perhaps the golden hats, where there may have been hettite influence)

- one Verse is regarded as one day

- yet proven for Genesis, certain acts and happenings in the entire tora
are set exactly to the return of a synodic or sideric planetary cycle,
i.e. moon, venus, mercury, mars - those yet proven (moon, venus) or
significantly present (mars, mercury) - and maybe more which are not yet
looked for

- women are pregnant at new moons, men are born at full moons

- there is a partial number correlation between absolute verse numbers,
astronomic cycles and traditional relative verse and chapter numbers

- ther is an interwoven 21-fold repetition cycle, that is coherent with
the Tarot (cards 1 Magician to 21 World) and astrological symbolism and
meanings (The Fool, card 0 is Orion)

- the Patriarchs by name meaning and gematric astronomic numbers
represent a psychologic system similar to the Tarot trumps 1-21, The
Fool 0 is God

- example: Sara, Abrahams wife, dies and is burried exactly at one
synodic venus cycle, the verses that tell this piece are ending exactly
at the 20th lunar synodic cycle. the absolute verse numbers of these two
points divided by 21 give rests of 18 and 3, in tarot Empress (Venus)
and The Moon.

- there is a correlation between genesis chapter numbers and patriarchs
and also between patriarch number 1-21 to certain cycles or other
numbers that appear

- if it's a calendar, it starts with a new moon in Genesis 1:1, where
venus must have been first visible (after preceeding 52 days of
invisibility) and where mars and mercury may have been somewhere not yet
revealed (there is some clue e.g. by Esau who may mean mars)

- a full or partial lunar eclipse may be meant with Genesis 15.2, which
may allow a better correlation of the torah calendar to history

- Abrahams death at absolute Verse 666, 667 and his reached age of 175
divide the entire Torah by lunar synodic cycles into 22.5 + 153 + 22.5
lunar synodic cycles. 22.5 such cycles are 664 verses viz days.

- the center of the Torah after 2923 verses is one verse of the crowning
of Aaron, two verses after the completion of 5 synodic venus cycles

- At circumcision Ismael is 13 years and Abraham is 99 years. Half the Torah are 99 synodic months viz Oktaeteris. Men are born at full moons and Ismaels birth happens 13 verses after Hagar (new moon 14) and 2 verses before full moon #14, that happens after 13 lunar synodic cycles. And that verse at the full moon #14 reads allready Abram is 99. So that there Ismael may be 13, meaning that full moon. Also some correlation between the 2 Verses distance (also between Hagar and Hagar being pregnant) and the 2-fold Okateteris, that is represented by the Torah may be there. One Verse here somehow may mean one lunar or solar year or one Oktaeteris.

- When the Verses are put on a wheel of 73 spokes (speak, spoke, spoken: the verse), round and round, the circumcision and a round before that the apearance of Melchizedek somehow correalte with the lunar year, while Isaaks birth happens in the beginning of the intermediate period until a solar year is full. He may represent the 'perfect' solar year or some change from a lunar to a solar calendar perhaps. These borders represent also the border between the two halves of the Torah and also the renaming of Abram to Abraham fells unto that border by one or more correlations. Gematria of certain names and hebrew letters are involved into that, simply or by their addition or subtraction, when resulting absolute verse numbers or astronomic values.

- the birth of Esau and Jakob correlates exactly to the verses of the
plan of the sanctuary and stuff (first: ARK OF THE COVENANT) by the
formula of 60 lunar synodic cycles (Age of Issak when his two sons are born) added to Isaak's birth, that was one such cycle after Ismael's age 13 (meaning full moon #14, as that was at 13.5 synodic cycles counted from the beginning), hence absolute verse 2201

- the entire 16 years spread over a scale of 360° would be 22.5° in one year

Hence and because the number 22 is so important for the Hebrew
Alephbeth, the Torah, the Patriarchs and the Tarot, my question to you
is, where have you seen or met 22.5 degrees in astronomy? What does or
could that mean? The 3 days 4 hours and 21 minutes may be added also if relevant.

Für weitere Antworten geschlossen.

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