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    21. April 2018
    Why play or better said - do we think so?
    Does not it mean >> Take care of your thoughts, they can easily become that.

    There is the world conspiracy, according to literature anyway,

    secretly, we also suspect situations like this (wars are being made ... Bush was world champion and EU played with)

    Yeah and yesterday landed on my desk - Committee of the 300 ", reminds me of" 1984 "- Orwell >> War is Peace
    Whether I read it, well I'll leaf through it .... knows who?

    The Memfelder work >
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    19. September 2017
    1984 it’s also my favorite book...because it is so true.

    Doch du sprichst sicher deutsch - ansonsten- hättest du hier nicht gepostet.

    Frage: Meinst du das Buch von Walther Rathenau?
  3. Zerch

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    10. April 2002
    I would recommend Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World", because so far, his version of future's reality seem to appear to be the closest and most detailed prediction about the things to come.
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    Welcome to this reputable institution...

    Did you know that English does have its own grammar? Give it a try!

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