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Politics: Will Great Britain leave the EU?


Großer Auserwählter
14. Mai 2002
It sometimes seems, that GB will leave the EU to get closer to the USA! What do you think about this?


Vorsteher und Richter
10. April 2002
Don't think thats realistic. Isn't GB one of the founding states of the EU???


28. Juni 2002
However, if they would indeed leave, then they would be condemned to political unimportance. The U.S. don't really need them and the Union can live without them, too. Plus they would become as dumb as the U.S. if they would always try, to get closer and copy their systems.


Geheimer Meister
10. April 2002
Isn't GB one of the founding states of the EU???

I must say, I also thought, that they started the Euro stuff.
I think, I can remember, how a few years ago they started the discussion of introducing the Euro. Humm... Then they suddenly said, they don`t want to be a member.

It sometimes seems, that GB will leave the EU to get closer to the USA! What do you think about this?

Has anyone seen this new music clip ... i forgot the name... "Shoot the dog"... something like that. Its a comic with George Michael. You can see Pr. Bush throwing a stick and then Tony Blair running after it.
In the whole clip Tony Blair is shown as Bush's Puppy... Quite funny.

As we have Time Magazin coming every week, i have read, that the Americans do need Britain as a partner. In the Golf War they needed the british SAS to help them... When I think of it, America can only start a War with Irak, if they've got Britain on their side.

It's a very long way for the US to get to Iraq. And then just think if Britain and the US have War. Wouldn't that be really good for their economy? Not only the USA needs money coning in...

Well... we'll see what will happen.


Vollkommener Meister
12. Mai 2002
but GB would be very good for europe if our politicians will ever stop to creep into bush`s ass. if gb would get closer to europe and away from the americans they could be a good partner for us. we need everything we get to get europe stronger.

(hope everybody could understand what i was trying to say, mz english is a little bit out of practice)


24. Juni 2002

After reading all this I made up my mind. My opinion about this looks like this.

Somtmis it appear to me, that it is hard for GB to accept, that the great times of the "empire" is over. I do not mean the empire high in line of her majesty Queen E., no I ment the geographical empire. The US is the only super power left on this planet! Think about the USSR. How hard it was to admit, that they broke up in severla states and loosing at the same time the status as a super power. GB needs the US, as it needs the EU. The US are, -thought about it carefully- the stronger ones, the EU the closer ones.

So, the US does not need at all the support of GB or EU in a material way in cause of war with the Iraq. They only need support to use someting like bases or stuff.

But back to main stream. Why should GB left the EU. As I mentioned before. GB is on the way, to admit, that they have sure a postion as a global player founded centurys ago, because of the empire. But GB cannot face the status as super power (even having Atomic bombs).

In fact GB has to focus on onther things, lager than war or the actual politics. During and after war trading goods is what counts. Nothing else. So why should the GB risk a geographical near market, the european continent, by leaving the EU. Imports and exports with the US might also challeging, but maybe a little bit mor expensive.

So far I cannot match a hint, telling me why GB should leave. Not everything in the EU might be good, but much good things the EU offers. Only think about the EURO. Looking a some money market fonds that are based on the EURO show, that they raised up in value. I think this is a good sign, isn't it?




Ritter vom Osten und Westen
10. April 2002

First of all, I have to say that I wouldn't be very happy to see England leaving the EU. As you all should know, my opinion is that Europe should grow together to build ONE state, which I will call "European Federation" in the following.
It is true that the European Federation will be a lot weaker without England, for it's chances to build up trading or even military alliances with Kanada, Australia or other commonwealth states would be smaller.
But it is also true that the European Federation (and even the Union, by the way) would be able to "live" without UK. Especially if we manage to build up alliances with Russia or even China.

Deighton schrieb:
The US is the only super power left on this planet!

Well, that is only semi-correct. Let's say in the moment, it is the only relevant power, but if Europe would grow together, we could be a considerable threat for the "super power" status of the USA. Especially when they don't get our steel any longer (they forgot to upgrade their steel production technology in the last 10 years, we didn't :p), I don't think that their army could stay being the strongest in the world.


24. September 2002
Its been said in prophecies that GB is going to be another State of the U.S., for example like "Hawaii".


Großer Auserwählter
13. April 2003
Its been said in prophecies that GB is going to be another State of the U.S., for example like "Hawaii".

Thats what some crazy politicians say, like Austria becoming a Bundesland of Germany :roll:

In fact the british won't leave the Union, i think they are going to try to work together with both sides, america as well as europe. They are waiting what both sides have to offer (Euro vs. military power e.g.), thats why they still have Pound as their currency...


Geheimer Meister
2. Mai 2002
harp schrieb:
Its been said in prophecies that GB is going to be another State of the U.S., for example like "Hawaii".

OMG. That's what I just was thinking about. But not really serious. 52st state of USA...

Will that happen? I don't really think so. But it sounds funny.
Same shit as Mallorca as 17th state of Germany. Do you remember?

BTW: I thought Austria is a secret part of Bavaria, so they can't join as a state. :lol: :lol: Don't beat me...

Back to the topic...

I don't think that Great Britain will leave the Union. I even think the USA need them as part of it.

The prophecy thing just reminds me that biblical prohoecies say that the Israelites will never be without a king and that the isralites one day will unite again with all tribes. If I look at these british Israelism believers that would mean that GB would once become the leading state of Europe...

Well that's just a mix of a prophecy and a theory. But it's fitting good in this message board...

PS: Don't tread me for being too funny sometims, I really like these english topics, I just love to speak or write english and I don't have the possibilty too often recently.


Vollkommener Meister
8. Dezember 2003
well pal,
let those british leave the union...we don't really need them and they don't really need us.

no, seriously: sometimes i catch myself in thinkin' 'bout whether the UK is still a part uf the union or not...hmm...
If Blair won't stop behaving like he was duya's puppy his future won't be that glorious :twisted:


31. Januar 2003
If they feel to important to join the european base "Euro", they might feel free to leave.

That would also prevent the legions of aggressive and drunk english hooligans and tourists from filling the taverns all the night and passing out in the pedestrian precinct (?? I love that one).
Enough of these prejudices, shall their government leave - Good Bye-, English people may always be welcome if they want to enjoy the high arts of brewery and maybe some culture......... :wink:


13. Oktober 2002
well, let me be honest. i dislike the brits. i almost hate them. in ww2 my grandfather was captured by the brits, they braught him to wales and there he was forced to work in a mine(is that the correct word?) until 1948!!! 1948!!! afterwards, he stayed there an married an irish girl. so i have irish blood. thats one reason i cant stand the redcoats.
my grandfathers brother was captured too, but soon after that the brits released him to the yugoslav partisans, in full knowledge what the partisans planed to do.....that was in bleiburg. i dont know how many thousands croats were killed there. fortunatuly my grandfathers brother could escape.
and of course, the english history is disgusting. i demand an international tribune like the one in nurnberg to charge all the crimes the brits commited in their centurieslong era of imperialism.
and of course, the main reason i dislike the brits is: their nationalism. how do the say: one people, one empire, one euro. these nationalist brits are disgusting. they dont like europe, but their hooligans still like come over here and make trouble. but maybe they are right. maybe the eu is really bad. and do you know why? my opinion ist that the EU is bullshit, because it prevents the foundation of the "holy kingdom of the irish, the scotish and the welsh" that could finally restore irelands dignity by reunificating our holy island and finally occupy the so called "united kingdom". haha "united kingdom" haha

im half croatian and yesterday the brits beat us. so i have to say something: we lost a football game, but you lost an empire. so you redcoats, if you have any problems with the EU: take it or leave it. either you are with us, or just buzz off


13. Oktober 2002
ok,here are my real thougths concernig britain and the EU. i believe that our relations withe the usa are very important. i mean we still share some values. what do we share with the chinese and the russians? suppression of the media? mass death penalties? no, let china and czar putin alone. cooperation like galileo is ok, but we shouldnt support their governments.
terror is a real threat, so we mustnt allow the muslims to divide the western world. i dont like the bush administration and as a strong supporter of environmental rights i dont like their big suv's :roll: but besides that america is ok. dont missunderstand me: i want a strong europe with strong military forces. and economic power (so lets become more competitive and reduce welfare state and social security)
and here comes the point: i think england is crucial to maintain and to establish good relations with the us. they are some kind of a bridge. so, although they make big trouble and although i dislike them, they should stay in the EU to help us build a better relationship with the us

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