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Das ach so radikale Iran?


9. Oktober 2002
Ich knall das jetzt einfach rein.Der Link ist so lahm.
Sex Education for Girls is Iran's New Revolution in the Making

QOM, Iran, Apr. 23 (AP) - When Iranian health expert Somayeh Faraji began explaining the anatomy of a woman's sex organs, some of the students at Khoshraftar Secondary School covered their faces with their head-to-toe black chadors, others smiled shyly and bit their lips, and the rest blushed.

Sex education in ultraconservative Iran is a major breakthrough in a country that frowns upon the mixing of the sexes and jails and flogs its youth for dancing together.

Even more interesting is that the courses are being launched from Qom, Iran's holiest city and the birthplace of the 1979 Islamic revolution that toppled the pro-U.S. shah and brought Muslim clerics to power.

Since Sunday, over two dozen veiled health experts have been teaching teenage school girls how to deal with puberty and menstruation, and familiarizing them with their bodies.

"Healthy girls begin to bleed from their womb every month normally for a week. This is natural. Don't panic. That means your sex organs have begun to mature," Faraji said, prompting a stream of questions from the girls, aged 11 through 14.

"Do men menstruate?" "What does the male sex organ look like?" "How does a woman give birth?" "Why don't young girls become pregnant?"

But despite the boldness of the course, not all questions are answered in detail.

"Some of them ask about boyfriends and their interest in the opposite sex. I just tell them that they should control themselves and not try sex before marriage. I'm not authorized to discuss sex between men and women with them since they are too young," she said.

Student Zeinab Taheri, 12, too shy to talk to a male reporter, said in a written answer that she was happy she attended the class.

"I learned a lot. Now I know a lot I didn't know before," she said.

Iranian health officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it took a year and a half to convince education officials to allow such courses in the girls-only schools. Officials did not elaborate on why sex education courses were not yet held for boys.

Program director Reza Hajilou said he first obtained support from top religious clerics in Qom before implementing the program to avoid offending people's religious sentiments.

The health officials hoped the next stage would include introducing props, such as a model showing the anatomy of a human body, and explanatory books that show pictures and address sexual relationships.

The courses, lasting for two hours and to be held twice a year, currently rely on text-only pamphlets, sketches drawn on blackboards and verbal interaction.

Saeedeh Qanbari, who supervises Faraji, said the girls' myriad questions should prove to Education Ministry officials that props would help teachers better address the tough topics.

But some education officials say the classes already offer enough information and that the government-run health clinic in Qom can provide more detailed answers, in private, to those who want to know more.

"We welcome the program that familiarizes students with what they should know through a scientific language, but we are afraid that discussing sex in detail may cause more harm than good and corrupt our youth. The students are at a sensitive age," education official Mahdi Qasemi said.

Fatemeh Lajevardi, the mother of one of the students, was pleased with the course.

"I have been trying to explain menstruation to my daughter but I didn't know how to say it. The school explains it in a scientific language and my daughter will be less shy to ask questions from a teacher rather than her mother," she said.

Hajilou, the program director, said the course was tested last year in parts of Qom and was expanded throughout the province this week after families and schools welcomed the program.

"Iran's social situation has changed. The new generation is open and very demanding. The program is a new revolution in the making," he said.

Source: Info Net

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