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The US system of government


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24. Juni 2002
The american system of government:

In 1787 13 represantatives from the colonies met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in order to find a new system of government for the young state.
They decided that the government has to be devided into three parts. The legislative, the iudicative and the executive.

Legislative --> led by the Congress
Executive --> led by the President
Iudicative --> led by the Supreme Court

The members of the Congress, the President and the Vize President should be elected by the citizens. But the judges should be set in by

Who has the power?


The 1st (the legislative) branch is divided in 2 houses/chambers:

· House Of Representatives
· Senate

The members of each chamber suggest bills (Gesetzesvorschläge). Those bills that are suggested by a Senator are examined by several institutions like the Senate, citizens etc.
If the bill passes this examination a commitee votes, if the bill is accepted.
After passing all these obstacles, the bill goes on to the other chamber, where the whole procedure starts again.
After all the law suggestion gets to the president, who decides if it passes or not.


The President ensures that the laws and bills of the chambers are performed in the right sense. Also exterior and economic topics are decided by the President.
And as commander of the military he controls the army in peace and war.


The decisions of the Supreme Court are based on the law and are the highest instance in the USA.

could you please correct me or add some more specific things?
and where can i find some graphics showing the structure of the government (elects..., controls..etc)?
thanks a lot for your support


Vorsteher und Richter
24. Juni 2002
please, give me some feedback on the text.
and where can i find such a graphic, showing the system?

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