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Personality test for americans


Ritter vom Schwert
4. Januar 2003
Personality test for americans

let us suppose, you're going to marry a woman. let's suppose, you're a bad match.
One of your buddies dissuades you from the marriage, another one encourages you.
Which one would you call a friend?

(A) both of them

(B) the one who advice against it

(C) the one who supports me

(D) none of them

Please make your decision first - then check up at here for your result.


Geheimer Meister
26. Januar 2003
hah,ich hab b genommen, aus dem grund,weil ein wahrer freund mir auch dann davon abraten würde,wenn er weiss,dass ich kurz davor bin...
aber ich bin ja kein ami,von daher...


Ritter vom Schwert
4. Januar 2003
MadCow schrieb:
sorry this is crap

what should that show?

Meine Güte, bist du immer so ein trockener Knochen? Furchtbar, wenn manche Leute nicht mal an Fasching einen kleinen Spass verstehen - es leben die Kellerlacher!



Vorsteher und Richter
24. Juni 2002
guys, we're in the lounge...strictly english here, mkay? :wink:

by the way: i'm an idiot and proud of it!
and i hate "fasching" to death...


Geheimer Meister
11. September 2003
na hoi( i don´t know how to say such onomatopoesia in english)
exept answer 4 all other results aren´t realy funny
but why should we speak english, when we aren´t able to express such simple things like "na hoi"
in general i did never understand why weltverschwörung had to change the language
real americans would pick answer 4, not because they have no friends, but because they are always right and the otherones are always wrong.

in another thread(warum heist das bedrohung und nicht thema???) there i found an interesting example of americans attidudes:
mr bush(der komische präsident da) was asked, if he could explain, why americans were attacked by terrorists, and he answerd, that he couldn´t figure out how anybody can so stupid to hate them because they are the best nation and have the best moral principals and represent the purest democracy

mit abstand betrachtet (1zeile) klingt das schon ziemlich albern, die amis scheinen wirklich nichts zu verstehen und haben trotzdem immer recht


27. Dezember 2003
I picked answer [D] though i am not american.

I picked [D] becuz a real friend wouldn't force me to do something. I think that a "real" Friend would let u make you'r decision on your own.

I'm just 18 so don't pick this answer automatically right if you know what i mean :)


Geheimer Meister
10. Dezember 2002
Don't think i wanna be a party-pooper, but that really wasn't funny at all. The real American should be the one who chooeses (C). That's just 'cause Americans usually do not disagree and do what the have chosen to do a long time ago no matter if there is support or not.

And by the way:

Carnival Sucks!!!

And that's not only because it's not allowed to eat meat anymore (Carnivore, aller...asoasf).

I didn't mean to offfend anybody though so just keep 'r cool and smoke the cheebah


Geheimer Meister
2. Mai 2002
DerlustigeA schrieb:
I picked [D] becuz a real friend wouldn't force me to do something. I think that a "real" Friend would let u make you'r decision on your own.

I am honest. I didn't pick one of them, because you never can say what you'll do if you don't face that situation right now.

But I agree with "DerlustigeA". I think it's a wise answer on that topic.

But that doesn't tell us that the answers are totally wrong. Some friends just wanna be good friends and just want to help.

So I must say that thre is no right or wrong answer.

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