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NSA HARRP Attack on Germany


29. Januar 2014

First, I'm sorry for posting this in english, but my question is, do you think the strange weather storms around Germany could be an attack from the NSA using the HARRP weapon which has flooded many cities? Germany has ordered a top spy offical to leave the country, but with so much water and bad weather, he is not going anywhere soon? What are your feelings?


Germany orders CIA station chief to leave over spying allegations - The Washington Post


Ritter-Kommandeur des Tempels
30. Januar 2009
AW: NSA HARRP Attack on Germany

Did I miss anything important? What bad weather and flooding?


Großer Auserwählter
10. Juni 2009
AW: NSA HARRP Attack on Germany


1. The summer wasn't great so far in some parts of Germany, but that started before the spy-scandal and is within the normal parameters of european climate.

2. There were some local instances of heavy rains and thunder storms causing damage and some flooding. However that only effected very limited areas and caused only minor problems in traffic. There is so far no large scale flooding of any city and no serious interruption of traffic. The CIA-station-chief will run into no problems returning to his homeland.

@DaMan - In Dortmund z.B. gab es vor kurzem ein richtiges heftiges Gewitter welches im Stadtgebiet einige Schäden anrichtete. Hier da gab es wohl durch lokale Starkregen auch immer mal eine Straße die für kurze Zeit geflutet war. Insgesamt aber nichts dramatisches.


Erhabener auserwählter Ritter
17. Mai 2008
AW: NSA HARRP Attack on Germany

Well the summer until now was so ugly that you just wish you could blame someone for it. I´m not an expert on such things as HARRP and as far as the chemtrail issue goes I´m at least suspicious. My gut feeling is that this years summer is a little more "strange" than the ones I can remember.

... but I think the NSA or who-knows-who has more subtle methods to make sure that german politicians stay loyal. Without massive pressure from the german peolple they shurely will stay in that mode. To keep that kind of pressure down you don´t need HARRP - football will do that job perfectly.
Viminal schrieb:
(...), but that started before the spy-scandal (...)
As far as I remember the scandal started about a year ago.



Geheimer Meister
12. Mai 2013
AW: NSA HARRP Attack on Germany

Entschuldigt bitte daß ich in deutscher Sprache schreibe.
Zum Thema: unsere liebe Sonne durchläuft in diesen Wochen das
solare Maximum. Die astronomische Gemeinde ist sich darüber
einig. In den letzten Wochen gab es etliche heftige coronale
Massenauswürfe. Ich denke daß dieser Umstand Einfluss auf das
Wetter nimmt.
Welchen Sinn würde es machen, einen aufmüpfigen Verbündeten
zu "bestrafen" und dabei die braven Verbündeten mit rein zu reißen?
Frankreich, England, Rumänien, England, Italien und andere Länder
welche brav auf Linie sind bekamen in den letzten Wochen auch
etliches an Wasser von oben ab.

Schönen Sonntag noch, vielleicht mag's ja jemand übersetzen.


Erhabener auserwählter Ritter
17. Mai 2008
AW: NSA HARRP Attack on Germany

Osterhase (Easterbunny) has asked for a translation of his text but I´m not an expert translator and I hope this summary will do as well:

He argues that members of astronomic community all conform with the fact that the sun ist now going through a so called solar maximum wich causes massive coronal eruptions. He thinks that this takes some influence on the weather.
He also sees no sense in punishing a rogue friend and thereby punishing also all "well-behaved" friends like France, England, Italy, Rumania and other countries. They all suffered from the ugly weather during the last weeks too.

I hope my poor english skills were put to some helpful use.


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