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    Ban God Bless America Petition

    To: United States Government
    We the undersigned demand that the song and phrase "God Bless America" not be recited, sung or displayed in public schools, government buildings and institutions, or written on official federal and state government documents and letterheads. "God Bless America" is recognition of the Christian deity "God" as well as instigating prayer in the line "As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer" and is therefore a violation of the separation of church & state as defined by the United States Constitution. It is a hurtful, divisive message to the Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu, Indigenous, Pagan, Agnostic, Atheist & other religious and secular Americans and is not what America and Democracy is about. We must not allow the Christian fundamentalist minority to exploit the September 11 attacks to push their religious Dogma to the public and turn the war on terrorism into a "Holy War". So we ask that ALL Americans' rights and freedoms of religions be recognized.


    Zum Unterzeichnen der Petition über den oberen Link.
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    Gesagt getan.


    Hey, was ist wenn wir in Deutschland mit einem click ,eine Bewegung in Amerika unterstützen?
    Ist das nicht ein Vorzug des Internets?
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