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Geheimer Meister
6. September 2002
Folgendes in der Chatmitschnitt von einem Gespräch eines Gewissen GWB der behauptet Teil einer internationalen Verschwörung zu sein die seit einiger Zeit dabei ist die Welt für die Invasion von Aliens vorzubereiten. Die Menschheit soll im Vorfeld über Jahre / Jahrzehnte hinweg durch Krankheiten, Umweltkatastrophen und Kriegen dezimiert werden. Am Ende wird nur eine genetisch, modifizierte Rasse überleben die dann für die Ausserirdischen als Skalven arebeiten sollen.

Die IP Adresse dieser GWB Person führt zu DARPA http://wombat.doc.ic.ac.uk/foldoc/foldoc.cgi?DARPA

Das ganze finde ich schon sehr beunruhigend. Der Chat ist von der Website http://xmb.abovetopsecret.com/.

Am Ende wurde die IP von DARPA weiter zu Illuminate.net entdeckt.


18:18:48 GWB enters this room

18:18:58 [GWB] Hello

18:19:06 [GWB] Is anyone there?

18:19:18 [GWB] I want to pass information on to people

18:19:35 [GWB] Please listen to me, I don't have much time

18:19:59 [GWB] I have to do this covertly over the internet, we cannot show our hand publically

18:20:28 [GWB] Word of mouth and awareness and consciousness raising are the only tools we have

18:21:05 [GWB] When you play cards with the devil, as we are doing with the aliens, you ahve to keep your hand close to your chest

18:21:14 [OzChris] g'day mate

18:21:37 [OzChris] there are alot of people calling you a loon mate

18:21:58 [GWB] Our government has communication - relativley friendly, with aliens, and they with us. But they are manipulating our genetic structure and we are trying to fight back

18:22:12 [GWB] I know that, do you think I care?

18:22:14 [OzChris] check our forum board.. I have been posting your statements..

18:22:25 [GWB] I am trying to help you, this is my job

18:22:35 [GWB] what board, where?

18:23:12 [OzChris] please provide PROOF is all we need...at the moment you have provided nothing but your own personal statements..for which we cannot make a genuine opinion

18:23:16 [GWB] Anyway thankyou for passing the information around, beware of what you eat, be aware of the changes in humanity

18:23:28 [OzChris] the forum board..message board mate

18:23:33 [OzChris] what does the GWB stand for

18:24:07 [GWB] I cannot. The aliens are in contact with the government if they think that we are going behind their back then the charade of friendliness will be lost

18:24:29 [GWB] they will just take over, we are no more than mice fighting the cat

18:24:42 [OzChris] then you will be debunked for the fraud that you are without proof mate.. I'm sorry

18:25:22 [GWB] all we can do is try and stem the tide, so we institute food laws, to try and fidght the genetic maniulation, we cause food companies to fall, but they too fight back in the end we will lose

18:25:27 [OzChris] website links..anything to help back up your story

18:25:54 [GWB] At least I am trying, and other will come and try as well, you kids, and your kids kids will suffer,

18:26:11 [OzChris] how did you find this website?? and why do you target this website for your statements

18:26:32 [GWB] I must go, I will try and get proof, but it will not have a government stamp on it,

18:26:57 [OzChris] GWB as I keep saying...provide us with proof or you will get nowhere with forum members here on this website

18:27:22 [GWB] We have a list of popular websites with this topic area, people here might be more willing to listen, we are broardcasting through the media as well, but our message is swamped by the companies the aliens use

18:27:31 [OzChris] I will talk rationaly after I see this proof

18:27:43 [GWB] Thankyou Sir for listening and posting this whereever

18:28:07 [GWB] I will provide you with the proof you need, but it will be difficult to show ...

18:28:20 [GWB] goodbye for now

18:28:25 GWB exits from this room

18:28:26 [OzChris] GWB stands for???? George W Bush?

18:28:33 [OzChris] bugger

------------- Weiterer Mitschnitt

21:34:42 [OzChris] g'day gwb

21:34:58 [Ycon] hello GWB

21:35:46 [OzChris] gwb - have you given us your proof yet

21:35:50 [GWB] Hello everyone, I am glad that at last there are people who will listen to me

21:35:52 [levitation] hows it goin gwb

21:35:57 [OzChris] 11.36 am

21:36:11 [levitation] i'm all ears

21:36:14 [Ycon] ok thanks

21:36:56 [GWB] I have been trying to find information for Mr Chris, but it will take time, if infrmation like this was readily available then we wouldn't be in this situation.

21:38:03 [GWB] We have to disseminate it out into the community to disguise its true origin. Otherwise it will compromise our relationship with the alien races

21:39:16 [GWB] So don't expect to see the truth shouting at you from the Washington Post, but maybe from a fringe magazine like Nexus and similar ilk

21:40:14 [levitation] nexus rules

21:40:27 [Ycon] If you can prove this is true, I can get it on a coast to coast conspiracy radio show

21:40:46 [GWB] I am in a different department to the meadia release part. So I have to wait for them to contact me. I only know a few people in my depertment, this is a new postion for me, as I have been reasigned from other work

21:41:31 [levitation] can you specify which department/organisation you work for?

21:41:40 [OzChris] gwb - can you tell us which country you are in?

21:41:49 [Ycon] email me ycon@attbi.com

21:42:02 [GWB] There are few things that are happening in our world at present that are accidental.

21:42:28 [Ycon] like what

21:43:06 [GWB] I am based overseas - from a European base, but I am not a local. We break up into small groups to remain undetected and create a cell like structure, it makes us harder to infiltrate and break.

21:43:31 [OzChris] do you have connections to iran?

21:43:58 [GWB] But my orginization familiar to you (obviously I am not going to tell you what it is) we are the covert arm of it

21:44:51 [levitation] ok, thanks for clearing that up

21:45:04 [GWB] Iran? not to my knowlege what I have been telling you is above nationalism, above politics, we are talking about the entire Human race

21:45:07 [levitation]>[OzChris] hes probably gonna diappear now you said that

21:47:00 [GWB] We have only 2 generations left, you can tell the changes by this, increased human growth, increased multitasking, increased abilities. The world is also being modified so that the new humans will breathe and live in an environment more like that which they will go to

21:47:57 [GWB] What you see as seperatie activities on th eearth are in fact coordinated endevours

21:49:13 [GWB] The humans that are genetically unmodified will be killed off soon, Aids, sickenss, disease, earthquakes, storms, violence will reduce the 'natural' human population to be very low, they are not needed, only the modified humans will be safe

21:49:22 [OzChris] coodinated endevours...between who?

21:50:01 [Ycon] How will the modified humans be safe

21:50:11 SimonGray enters this room

21:50:38 [OzChris] simon I would like you to meet GWB

21:50:53 [levitation] gwb, are the modified humans a particular race or civilisation?

21:50:55 [OzChris] GWB - simon is the administrator for this website

21:51:23 [SimonGray] Hello GWB

21:51:24 [GWB] We are being bread to be servants and workers of alien species, they are modifying their environment, increased CO2, Decreased Ozone, and changes we are not yet aware of in the world, certan radiations are suspected to have increased dramatically, but we don't have a baseline to determine what the

21:51:59 [GWB] changes are

21:52:30 [GWB] Hello Mr Gray

21:52:35 [SimonGray] From what I can gather from the short while I've been here, are you saying only Americans will be the surviving human population over the next couple generations?

21:52:50 [GWB] Please excuse my writing, I am not a typist ....

21:52:56 [levitation] gwb, are the modifications limited to a certain race or section of the human population?

21:53:41 [OzChris] it's nice to see gwb staying for a while longer to explain himself a little better

21:54:05 [GWB] No, all developed nations will be included, the modifications are carried out through some processed foods, they are used as carriers. So populations that do not recieve that food will be eliminated, or more likely neglected while the focus is on the mutations

21:54:39 [SimonGray] Can you tell me who is the implementing these changes?

21:54:41 [levitation] i see

21:54:46 [SimonGray] Specifically in any detail?

21:55:02 [SimonGray] In detail, I mean who?

21:55:08 [GWB] It is not necessily a good thing to survive ...

21:56:40 [GWB] We have been in contact with an alien race for most of the last century, they have been conducting genetic modifications on humans for a long time before that. We have cordial relations with them but found out from some 'accidents' they had what was happening

21:57:08 [SimonGray] Okay, GWB, hold on a sec. Can you provide anything to confirm this?

21:57:20 [OzChris] gwb - where are the aliens origin?? have they given you a star or system?

21:57:35 [GWB] We have to maintain a facade of friendliness but now we must move to alert the world about the true source

21:58:07 [GWB] I don't know everything, only what I have ben told, and from what I hear in the staff room

21:58:29 [OzChris]>[SimonGray] did you get his ip?

21:58:43 [SimonGray] OzChris> Yes

21:59:10 [SimonGray] Sorry if this has been asked before, but the staff room of where?

21:59:18 [GWB] Mr Gray, what do you want? it broardcast over CNN? Have you not seen the information we have released in the past that might point to it, why some of it is even on your own website!

21:59:46 [GWB] Imust go, thankyou for your time, I will come back

22:00:07 GWB exits from this room

22:00:12 [SimonGray] GWB, as a researcher in this field, I am simply asking if you (another person coming forth with information), can help by providing anything concrete or physical to prove what you are saying?

22:00:15 [SimonGray] (Simon swears here)

22:00:32 [OzChris] same old thing...editing the log for posting now

22:00:42 [OzChris] at least we got his ip this time

22:00:43 [levitation] lol

22:00:49 [OzChris] it is blocked simon

22:00:51 [SimonGray] I told you, each time you ask him for something concrete, he pisses off.

22:01:11 [OzChris] yup

22:01:14 [OzChris] me too

22:01:18 Apricot enters this room

22:01:25 [SimonGray] What do you mean "blocked?"

22:01:32 [OzChris] oh well lets see where this bastard comes from

22:01:34 [levitation] looks like it, i think he screwed up big time there. where the hell is the staff room?

22:01:38 [Apricot] wppphooo babies!

22:01:57 [levitation] hey apricot

22:01:58 [OzChris] I entered his ip at swhois.net and it said it was blocked

22:02:12 [Apricot] whats up?

22:02:20 [SimonGray] In that case, let me work some magic Oz, hold on.

22:02:21 [OzChris] apricot - chook I swear if your GWB ima bop you a fat lip

22:02:31 Mutilator enters this room

22:02:40 [Apricot] LOL, !

22:02:50 [Apricot] What have I done wrong now!!!

22:02:53 [levitation] hehe

22:02:56 [levitation] hey mm

22:03:12 [Mutilator] hey guys

22:03:18 [SimonGray] (Simon swears again) ME, HE WAS ACCESSING FROM ARPA!

22:03:22 [Apricot] have you had an infestation of crazies

22:03:33 [Apricot] whats arpa?

22:03:35 [levitation] arpa?

22:03:40 [Ycon] whats that

22:03:42 [levitation] government?

22:03:51 [SimonGray] Advanced Research Projects Agency

22:04:04 [SimonGray] That is a big-time military contractor

22:04:09 [levitation] lol, thats nice

22:04:09 [OzChris] don't tell me this bastard has cred now?

22:04:11 [Apricot] wooohooo!!!!

22:04:13 [Mutilator] hey, all you military people in the US...othe discovery channel theres a special one US Navy SEALS

22:04:16 [Ycon] so what does it mean, we are a experiment

22:04:24 [Apricot] what does that mean, who was GWB?

22:04:25 [SimonGray] He does!

22:04:45 [SimonGray] shoot, I thought he was a spook. Maybe he isn't as crazy as I thought.

22:04:59 [OzChris] oh no...I can't call him a loon anymore

22:05:00 [levitation] let us not get carried away

22:05:02 [SimonGray] Hi Mutilator

22:05:04 [Apricot] Do I get an apology now Chris?

22:05:15 [levitation] he may just do this stuff on his lunch break

22:05:21 [OzChris] yeah chook..sorry mate

22:05:32 [SimonGray] levitation, do you know the security clearance and expertise required to work there!?

22:05:33 [Apricot] maybe he's the janitor?

22:05:51 [Mutilator] Good afternoon SIR!

22:05:55 [levitation] simon, cant say i do

22:05:57 [SimonGray] Janitors would not have access to computer systems there.

22:06:01 [OzChris] simon this could be big...again I am logging all this to post for all the non chatters

22:06:29 [Apricot] include the arpa stuff!

22:06:30 [OzChris] so how do we debunk him now?? WE can't I spose

22:06:39 [OzChris] I am including the arpa stuff

22:06:43 [levitation] hey, shouldnt we be a little more careful if this is the real deal?

22:06:47 [SimonGray] This is big even if he is exagerating, an informant on the ARPAnet is a major find.

22:07:08 [OzChris] so in other words..treat him with some respect now..

22:07:30 [OzChris] SOME being the operative word

22:07:36 [Apricot] sigh, all I wanteed was brian to pick on, now we have a loony we have to respect!

22:07:57 [OzChris] theory on his short visits -- a trace maybe - or someone walked into his office

22:08:08 [Ycon] LOL chicken man

22:08:27 [OzChris] may I ask simon how you know it was from arpa?? I got the block coming from iran

22:08:31 [SimonGray] You want to see the things they do that the public is aware of - http://www.darpa.mil/body/Procurements/index.html

22:08:58 [SimonGray] This company is a black technology contractor, with links to reverse-engineered alien technology.

22:09:11 [levitation] wow

22:09:22 [Mutilator] holy shoot

22:09:45 [levitation] i might just go hide under my bed in a minute

22:09:47 [Apricot] um, they are .mil ....

22:10:00 [levitation] i dont want "them" to know that i know

22:10:11 [SimonGray] You want to know the applicant requirement - Mandatory Requirement: Applicants selected for this position must be U.S. citizens, and will be subject to a Government Security Investigation and must meet eligibility for access to classified information for a Secret Security clearance.

22:10:45 [Mutilator] dammit and the US government was at my site the other day, they went through the whole thing

22:10:48 [OzChris] so we can assume this guy is from USA

22:10:52 [SimonGray] You notice the word mandatory, this is now normal Lockheed or Northrop contractor people.

22:11:01 [SimonGray] now = no

22:11:09 [levitation] how can we believe you traced the ip properly?

22:11:29 [SimonGray] I traced it using the military's tracenet facility (don't ask)

22:11:36 [OzChris] lev as I said I traced his ip and it told me the ip was blocked

22:11:56 [levitation] ok, well that part sounds legit

22:11:56 [OzChris] simon = shoosh!!!

22:12:01 [levitation] holy f*ck

22:12:15 [SimonGray] (edited so he doesn't get hacked) I reached this before I hit a MAJOR firewall for port number

22:12:33 [OzChris] ok simon so if this guys comes on again..what do we ask him...how do we handle this?

22:13:07 [levitation] and do we post that we're tracing him? couldnt that jeopardise the whole thing?

22:13:17 [SimonGray] (ip edited) then went onto the ARPA net at (ip edited) then hit the ARPANET entrance at DARPA before the firewall blocked me when I wanted to find the port number.

22:13:52 [OzChris] the ip I got was (ip edited)

22:13:54 [SimonGray] We need him to reveal what his position is, or anything that would reveal his work location or employer.

22:14:02 [OzChris] I edited that bit out lev

22:14:06 [Apricot] I think you should cut and paste this whole episode on the board, its of MAJOR interest to all posters

22:14:24 [OzChris] apricot I am all over it

22:14:29 lupine182 enters this room

22:14:35 [OzChris] my notepad is full of shoot I gotta post

22:14:43 [SimonGray] If you post this conversation, post it in Web-Related Discussion at http://xmb.abovetopsecret.com

22:14:50 [OzChris] I am posting this on the new board though

22:14:58 [levitation] dont u think people can trust simon the same way they trust all the other stuff on the site?

22:15:47 [SimonGray] Its obvious this person wants to reveal information, he keeps coming back.

22:16:05 [SimonGray] Don't attack the guy with this information in the chatroom, but I do recommend posting it on the board


Mutilator traces links to illuminati

22:38:57 [Mutilator] got something!

22:39:09 [OzChris] mutilator what did you come up with?

22:39:10 [levitation] got what?

22:40:40 [Mutilator] (ip edited).illuminati.net (ip edited) 2.532 ms 2.009 ms 1.811 ms

22:40:54 [SimonGray] lol

22:41:01 [SimonGray] illuminati

22:41:07 [Mutilator] I traced (ip edited)

22:41:11 [SimonGray] someone has a sense of humour

22:41:12 cybrid enters this room

22:41:13 [OzChris] oh my GOODNESS...your joking aren't you

22:41:33 [Mutilator] dead serious

original Quelle: http://xmb.abovetopsecret.com/viewthread.php?tid=104


Geheimer Meister
12. April 2002

Das ganze finde ich schon sehr beunruhigend.

Ich auch... es ist schon enorm, mit was für einer Paranoia man sich noch an einen Computer traut :)

Aber: das müssen schon doofe Alien sein, wenn sie sich auf sie selbstzerstörerische Art der Menschen verlassen :) - und was will ein hochentwickelter Außerirdischer mit einem primitiven Menschen als Sklaven?


Vollkommener Meister
16. Juli 2002
M-G-K schrieb:
Ihr müsst nich jede scheisse glauben die erzählt wird im internet

richtig. ich finde es reicht auch, wenn man für seinen Lebensunterhalt arbeitet, hier und da mal konsumiert, und gerade durch diese wunderbaren fähigkeiten ab und an mal den "coolen" raushaengen lässt.

Lügen mit "Hollywood" Emblem sind eben _Filme_, alles andere sind zwangslaeufig ganz normale Lügen. Der Tot und das Finanzamt ist das einzig Wirkliche, was das Universum uns beschert. Sagte ich Universum ?!? Sorry. Manchmal glaub ich wirklich, es konnte dieses Ding gegen. Aber wozu ? Das Finanzamt ist doch gleich nebenan !!!

- QuadWord


Meister vom Königlichen Gewölbe
30. September 2002
komisch... der eigentlich thread ist ja um einiges länger als das was du kopiert hast... und kaum war ich da und hatte angefangen zu lesen, war auf einmal der Text weg... alle Posts...

Ich hab die anderen im Chat gerfagt obs bei denen auch so aussieht und deren ANtwort war ein klars: Ja!

Ich frag mich echt was da los ist...


Vorsteher und Richter
2. Juni 2002
schon aufgefallen dass sie in ihrem Forum teils die gleichen dämlichen Themen behandeln wie hier?

Ob das ein Paralleluniversum von uns ist???


Ritter vom Osten und Westen
10. April 2002
Omg, dämlich, Menschheit soll zu genetisch veränderten Sklaven der Aliens gemacht werden...
Genau das ist die Story von "Akte X"!

Denkt mal drüber nach und glaubt nicht alles, was ihr hört!


Beatus ille, qui procul negotiis.
10. April 2002
Ich lasse schon mal die Badewanne volllaufen und mache Tee und Kuchen, um E.T. milde zu stimmen.

:twisted: Einfältige Erdlinge :twisted:


Geheimer Meister
6. September 2002
Tarvoc schrieb:
Omg, dämlich, Menschheit soll zu genetisch veränderten Sklaven der Aliens gemacht werden...
Genau das ist die Story von "Akte X"!

Denkt mal drüber nach und glaubt nicht alles, was ihr hört!

Vielleicht ist Akte X genau aus diesem Grund herausgekommen. Um die reale Story ins Lächerliche zu ziehen. Die Globalisierung, einheitliche Währungsform, erweiterte NATO, UN. All das sind doch die ersten Wellen!


Geheimer Meister
26. Januar 2003

Ich bin eigentlich deiner Meinung,Seeker. Aber die Ähnlichkeit von GWB und CGB ist doch irgendwie auffällig...Wie auch immer, vielleicht basiert die Serie auf den realen Vorfällen...Ich weiß es nicht..


Großer Auserwählter
26. Mai 2002
Seeker schrieb:
Tarvoc schrieb:
Omg, dämlich, Menschheit soll zu genetisch veränderten Sklaven der Aliens gemacht werden...
Genau das ist die Story von "Akte X"!

Denkt mal drüber nach und glaubt nicht alles, was ihr hört!

Vielleicht ist Akte X genau aus diesem Grund herausgekommen. Um die reale Story ins Lächerliche zu ziehen. Die Globalisierung, einheitliche Währungsform, erweiterte NATO, UN. All das sind doch die ersten Wellen!

Na klar, und "Buffy" wurde erfunden um die Möglichkeit einer schwarzmagischen Verschwörung ins Lächerliche zu ziehen :D
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