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Sorry but the usa sucks in the moment


11. Februar 2003
Today i meet a guy on the main statoin in frankfurt and he was from the usa, same age like i me (28).
So we talk about the whole wolrd sutuation and about hte american govermant, and i was very suprice coz.... him had the same adjustment like i have it.
I was many times in the USA before and i like it very much ... but now the american govermant make me nearly scare and sick .....
I dount want to say, i hate the american now but ..... that what the american govermant start to do ...... make me fucking scare and sick.
Gearge W. Bush send over 200000 soldier on the golf region for just WAR !! him can´t send the whole military unit´s and the soldier back ! That will be costs to much money and the usa can´t afford.
So that will be sure like the pray and amen in the church the usa will attack the irag.
Many countries try to find a way to clear this situation in peace .... and this, dount like to see the USA.
Maybe Sadam have some constitution (mobil or not) to produce chemical or bio weapons, but there must be give away to disarm the irag in peace.
Many countries are to quiet in the moment about this situation, the most east states like china ect also many countries have a clear mind, for a war or no war !
And there is a lot of reason but just for the usa to start attack against iraq, i guess i dount have to talk about the reason coz.. we all should to know it.
If the usa strike the iraq in a solo run ..... than the world will be split and this can be end very worst.
How i sayd i like the usa very much i was many times over there and anytime it was a great time ! i know a lot of the american history ! I'm afraid President Gearge W. Bush will be the reason and the trigger for the third world war.

And this guy i met from the usa have the same mind like me ... at last he say to me „I will be see in my life how the Chinese march in the usa“

Sorry i am now to tired in the moment to translate this in german .....

have a good evening .......


Prinz von Libanon
10. April 2002
hi hoper_1

Your english in writing seems to be a little weak...but anyway it is well readable.I think most of the english speaking-german people on this page will understand your text.

-I'm sharing your opinion
It feels like all humans were sitting ducks in an explosive powder barrel and George Bush got a lighter to fix a problem...cos' it is too dark to see


Vorsteher und Richter
10. April 2002
hey guys! for our english-speaking readers and viewers we created the "lounge". i'm going to move this topic into it.


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