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Morgen (17.03) ist der Moment"der Wahrheit für die Welt


Geheimer Meister
5. Juni 2002
Morgen werden alliens in Berlin landen! Das hab ich eben gesagt!

Wo?Wann? hat er den das gesagt? he? paar quellen oder so wäre nett


Geheimer Meister
5. Juni 2002
hm.... was wird er wohl machen? ich glaube er wird dem irak den krieg erklären!!! aber der tag der wahrheit? der hat wohl zu oft illuminatus gelesen der büsh. :wink:


7. Oktober 2002
am 17/18 wird bush sagen, dass Saddam noch 72 stunden zeit hat ins exil zu gehen, sonst geht der krieg los. Also Donnerstag oder Freitag


Vollkommener Meister
17. April 2002
@ nacho

Den religiösen Hintergrund hatte ich gerade in einem anderen thread gepostet.

Hier nochmal:

Der irakische Angriff auf Israel im letzten Golfkrieg begann am 18.1.1991.

....Then it began, on January 18, at 2 am. Sirens pierced the night air. A missile attack. People jumped out of bed. Women screamed. Children cried with terror. People a little older remembered Poland and the War.

Families huddled in their sealed rooms. Finally, an army spokesman came on the air. 5 Scuds had been fired at Tel Aviv. 400 apartments had been blown up. Hospitals prepared for thousands of dead and injured.

Der Krieg endete am Purimfest, dem 28.2.1991.

... On Purim Day, February 28, 1991, Hussein surrendered. The "lightning" Gulf War was over.

And the Jews had a new reason to celebrate Purim.


Dienstag, der 18.3.2003 ist der letzte Tag des diesjährigen Purimfestes!


Purim Holiday Guide
Note: Some of this information applies to Purim 5763/2003 only - Monday, March 17, and Tuesday, March 18 .....

Das ist der Purim-Artikel von Rabbi Israel Rubin:


And it came to pass; not in the biblical days of yore, but in the current days of your. It's not about Ahasuerus, once-upon-a-time in ancient Persia, but a scene that is unfolding before our eyes. The Megillah is not to be read "backwards" in time, for each page applies to our own day and age.
Even the arch villain Haman lost his clout, and devolved into sweet little hamantashen, enjoyed by all. A mere caricature of his angry self, the benign Haman was cute and comical. Who's afraid of Big Bad Haman? He's a loser who can be graggered away.

But as Haman seemed to recede, Al Queda reared its ugly head, the evil Osama bin Laden. It trained Hamans of mass destruction to kill and destroy with dirty bombs and poisons. Haman's hat was three cornered, while Osama's turban is circular; but both are headed in the same direction.
The UN and the EU doodled and dawdled as Arafat and Saddam get away with murder, speaking out of all sides of their mouths.

Some have become Osamas by Osmosis, blaming the innocent victims, and condemning Israel for defending itself. Israel is thus caught between Iraq and a hard place.
We must now rise to the occasion and face the challenge of real Hamans. Our salvation lies with the righteous Mordechai and the Moral Clarity within us, to "Fear no evil, for G-d is with me." We must remain strong, keep the faith and stand up for what is right. The Talmud actually foresaw a modern Haman, when our Repentance will lead to Redemption.

Let us rally to Purim: hear the Megillah, send Shalach Manos, give charity, unite and celebrate with love of all Israel. Purim empowers us to prevail over Osama, Saddam, and Arafat too! May the Jews enjoy light and joy, gladness and honor, in every family and family, in every city and city, from generation unto generation.

© 2003 Rabbi Israel Rubin

Wenn ich das richtig verstehe, scheint es da schon einen Zusammenhang mit diesem Zeitpunkt und dem Irakkrieg zu geben.

The original Purim story happened 2,300 years ago.
The situation seemed bleak. The Holy Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed seventy years earlier, the Jews were exiled to Babylon and then to Persia, and the Land of Israel lay in ruins and desolation.

Dispersed throughout Persia (today's Iraq and Iran), many Jews lost faith in the prophecies predicting their eventual redemption from exile and return to Israel. Instead of taking pride in their Jewish heritage, they became impressed by alien kings and lifestyles, palaces and parties, losing vision of their own future .....

At this point, the vicious Jew-hating Haman became the Persian Prime Minister, and schemed to solve "the Jewish problem," by annihilating every Jewish man, woman and child. A shrewd and devious manipulator, Haman received the King's approval for his wicked plan ......

The Megillah scroll describes the courage of Queen Esther and Mordechai, and ultimately of all the Jewish people. That whole year, not even a single Jew chose to leave his people by converting out, even if it could have saved his life.
The fortunate turn of events aroused the Jews to return to their heritage and unite with their traditions, faith and observance. They rallied against their enemies on the 13th day of the month of Adar, the day chosen by Haman to execute his "final solution." The Jews eventually returned to the Holy Land to rebuild the Second Temple.

The Megillah vividly describes how "The Jews enjoyed light and gladness, joy and exultation," so shall it be to us. May we, too, merit salvation and the ultimate Redemption, speedily in our days.


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