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Kennst du Manfred Kirschner?


15. August 2023
I admit I have written to Anne Rice about my account of my encounter with a vampire. I find it interesting that she first wrote 'Interview with the Vampire' in 1973. The book was published in 1976. I didn't read the book until 1980. Upon reading the book I felt she may have met the same "person" I met in 1973. I have never received a reply from her. I do realize that she probably gets thousands of emails per month on her website. I wrote to her in 2001.

I have told my story several times to several different people and always get the same response, one of disbelief. Although my mother and sister sometimes still tease me, asking, "do you remember when you dated that vampire?"

I am now 51 years old. 34 years ago I was 17 and that summer I was working for the US Forest Service as an intern through a government program called the Neighborhood Youth Corps. We planted trees and dug potential fire break lines in the forests of northern Idaho.

A fire fighting crew came into town mid summer since it was a particularly dry summer and was on stand by just in case they were needed. Among that crew was the most beautiful young man I had ever seen. He had long blonde hair, perfectly symmetrical features. He reminded me of a more refined version of Robert Plant of Led Zepplin. He was tall and handsome and everything I ever thought I would give up my virginity to. I spent a lot of time just looking at him. He apparently noticed and began talking to me when the crew came into town from their forest stations.

He asked me out and I was ecstatic. We met for dinner several times, always late, after 10 pm. He never ate, urging me to order whatever I would like to have and he would have a glass of wine. I never knew how old he was but the drinking age in Idaho at the time was 19. He also had a european accent of some sort. He said he was from Germany. We would part at the restaurant, he never made any attempt to kiss me, which I thought very strange since every other guy I had dated prior was always all over me.

One night I suggested we meet at a place very near to my apartment, as I planned to ask him back to my house afterward for whatever... You got it, I wanted him!

fast forward to my apartment. After opening a bottle of wine and chatting he said he wanted to take me into his confidence because he really liked me. He continued to say that he doesn't usually tell anyone the truth about him because it scares people. Okay, I felt the first flash of fear.

He then went on to tell me that he was from Germany and was over 400 years old, that he was a vampire. I didn't know what to say. So, I asked, "what do you mean... vampire?"

He said he was from an aristocractic family and was chosen and attacked by a vampire in his family's estate. He was made a vampire by his attacker. By virtue of what he had become he left with this other vampire and travelled all over the world. He came to hate him so much that he branched out on his own in France after many years.

I asked him if he drank blood and killed people. He paused and said that yes, sometimes he chose to take a human life.

Okay at this point my fear was turning to terror. He was either a psychopath with a really interesting story or he was the real thing and I was about to die either way. I told him he was scaring me. He said he thought he probably would and that was not his intention. It was hard for him to make friends and when he felt he could trust someone he would tell them the truth about himself since his lifestyle was not ordinary and needed the acceptance of what friends he had to maintain a friendship with them. He also told me that he knew I was expecting to have sex with him and that he would agree to that but that sex was really no longer pleasurable to him although he knew it was pleasurable to "normals".
Okay by this time I was really freaking out and said I think you should leave. I remember he looked really sad. He said of course he would leave but he wanted me to think about being friends with him. I said, I don't think so, you need to leave. He got up slowly and picked up his jacket and reached inside his jacket pocket for a pen and paper. I was really shaking by this time and thought his every move was a ploy to his move to kill me. But he wrote his phone number at the camp on a peice of paper and said, "if you change your mind, call me" And then he left.

When he walked out the door I was trembling so badly I could barely dial the phone. I called my mother to come get me to take me home that night. I told her I just ended a date with a really creepy, scary guy. I paced the floor until she got there listening for any sounds that might indicate that he was breaking into my apartment.

I told my parents and they said I did the right thing by calling them. My dad said it's time for you to move out of that apartment and I did. I never called the guy and I never saw him again.

His name was Manfred Kirschner. I have never forgotten him. I thought he was a psycho until I read interview by anne rice. I have wondered for 28 years now if he is who rice called LeStat.

Believe me or not, there you have it.

Kennt jemand einen echten Vampir oder ist sogar selber einer?
Ich weiß, ich weiß...
Selbst wenn es Leute geben sollte die welche kennen oder gar selbst welche sind kaum dass das hier einfach öffentlich kund getan wird. Daher nehme ich auch gerne PN (Privat Nachricht) an!


31. August 2004
Ich wundere mich über Deine unbeholfene Art zu suchen.

Also warst Du schonmal beim Schauenforst treffen? Hast Du Kontakt zu Gruppierungen die sich mit der Schattenseite des Baumes befassen?
Etwa den Dragon Rouge, IOT oder sowas?

Hast Du mal mit Leuten gesprochen die sich mit solchen Themen befassen?
Sojemanden wie Mark Benecke um mal den Populärsten zu nennen?
Email Verkehr mit anderen Okkultisten die sowas verstehen?


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