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Ancient Routes


Ritter Rosenkreuzer
15. April 2002
'Found a good site about ancient history dealing especially with the Mediterranean area.

A site devoted to exploring the ancient trade routes around the Mediterranean. Generally, we stay near the Mediterranean, which still covers a lot of area. The time covered is from about the beginning of writing until 400 AD [CE]. This covers the fall of the Roman Empire, the beginnings of Christianity, and up to but not including, the rise of Islam. Eventually, you will be able to follow a series of routes all the way around the Mediterranean. For now, I am concentrating on the kings of Judah and Israel, as well as associated people of the time. This will provide the background for the route through Lebanon along the coast to Tarsus.

For someone dealing with ancient religions and origins it is a good place to find some useful informations. Well interlinked.
Here you go.
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