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Thema: Die Türkei und die Kopenhagener Kriterien

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    Standard Die Türkei und die Kopenhagener Kriterien


    Wer am Ende dieses Artikels immer noch behauptet, daß die Türkei rechtsstaatlich oder demokratisch wäre, möge sich bitte versuchen in der Toilette herunter zu spülen

    Turkey implements “Copenhagen Criteria” in Qosere: Turkish police kill Kurdish school child, label boy “terrorist” Turkish police fired 13 bullets into the 12-year old Kurd, nine of them from half a meter’s distance. His father was also killed in execution style. Turkish police planted weapons on the bullet-riddled bodies; the Governor announced, “Two terrorists shot dead in a shoot-out.”

    • Mother: I saw my son Ugur forced on his knees, his neck pushed down. Then came gunshots.

    • Governor: Two terrorists have been captured dead [sic] after a shoot-out with security forces.
    • HRA: “Little likelihood that [the fifth grader and his father] used weapons; it may be an execution.

    London (Kurdish.Media.com) 27 November 2004: Turkish police killed a 12-year-old Kurdish boy and his father in “execution style” in front of their house in Kiziltepe last Saturday, says the Human Rights Association of Turkey (HRA).

    The official autopsy report, seen by the delegation, found 13 bullets in little boy’s body and eight in his father’s. All but four had been fired from a distance less than half a meter. All came from the same side, leaving out any possibility of a “shoot-out.”

    People never believed the official line about the November 20 killing of the fifth-grade elementary school student and his 30-year-old father, a truck driver. It caused uproar in Kiziltepe, and led to mass protests.

    In the first statement on Sunday, the Turkish governor said that “terrorists” attacked the Kiziltepe gendarmerie headquarters, and soldiers responded by killing two “terrorists” and wounded one.

    Citing his “busy schedule,” the Governor declined to meet with the HRA delegation, but interviews with and testimony of witnesses, the Kaymaz family and local Turkish officials as well as the description of the venue and circumstances revealed the horror and exposed the official Turkish cover-up.


    Makbule Kaymaz, 30, Ugur Kaymaz’s mother:

    “My husband Ahmet is a truck driver. We own the tanker and he transports oil. My son Ugur was born in 1992 and was a fifth grade student in elementary school. He would join his father on some business trips.

    “On the day of the incident, my husband was preparing for a trip to Iskenderun where he was going to pick up a shipment. At around 16:30, we had set the dinner table and were about to eat.

    “Just before dinner, my husband and Ugur took some bedding stuff, blankets, etc. to the truck for the trip. They both had flip-flops on. They were going to put the stuff in the truck and come back to have dinner. The truck was parked on the main street about 40-50 meters from the house.

    “A short while after they left, we heard gunshots. My three children, my mother-in-law and I were home. We were scared and rushed to hide in the yard of our neighbor, who is a close relative.

    “For a moment, I saw my son Ugur, I recognized him from his white pants. Before the truck, he had been forced on his knees, his neck pushed down in front of the truck. Then came gunshots.

    “Later the police came and searched our house. The district attorney came and took us to take our testimony.

    “I later heard that my son and husband had been killed.”


    Ahmet Tekin, 23, the neighbor who is a substitute teacher in Ugur Kaymaz’s school, Dicle Elementary School:

    “I was home. We heard gunshots. At first, I thought they might be coming from the wedding nearby. Then I saw our neighbor Makbule rushed in in panic. She, too, was trying to find out what happened. We couldn’t because we were afraid of going outside. Gunshots went on and off for about 20 minutes.

    “Then police came to my house, asking me to join them as a witness while they search the next door. I joined them; the district attorney was there, too. After the search was over, the DA and I went by the tanker together.

    “In front of the truck, two people laid down in blood. They (the police) pointed one of them to me, asking if I knew him. When I knelt down, I recognized that he was Ugur.

    “I told them he is a fifth-grader in our school, he is our neighbor, Ugur. The police were surprised, asked, ‘Are you sure?’

    “I replied, ‘Yes, I am. I know him well because he is our student.’ ”

    The witness, Ahmet Tekin, was also first to identify Ugur’s father, Ahmet Kaymaz, on the crime scene.


    The five-member HRA delegation found no evidence of a shoot-out. Neither during the investigation at the crime scene, nor in the official autopsy report.

    The autopsy found that 13 bullet hit the little boy’s body -- four in his hands, nine in his back. Of 13, nine bullets were fired from a very close distance, less than 50 centimeters.

    Eight bullets, all from the same distance (under 50 centimeters) hit the father.

    The bullets were all fired from the same direction, in other words, the targets had not moved after the first shot.

    The delegation also found a pillow, bed and a piece of luggage in the truck.

    In its report, the Human Rights Association of Turkey states that the scene is an open field (by the roadway between Kiziltepe and Mardin), and had the police wanted, they could have captured anyone without harming them.


    A delegation from the European Parliament also visited Kiziltepe and held a press conference in Diyarbekir later Friday. They stopped short of condemning the execution, but Italian parliamentarian Vittario Angnoletto said, “No one can talk about a 12-year-old child as terrorist. I spoke with the child’s mother and was touched deeply.”

    The father and son were killed in the Turgut Ozal neighborhood of Qosere, and buried next to each other in a cemetery in the Ataturk neighborhood after a funeral that turned into a mass protest, with mourners chanting, “the child-killers will be held accountable.”

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    mann, also wenn du die quelle als objektiv ansiehst, dann hast du sicher recht..
    dann kannste aber auch gleich den stürmer über die juden schreiben lassen, das kommt aufs selbe hinaus
    -.-When there's nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire-.-

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    Nur weil es aus Kurdischen Medien kommt muss man nicht gleich Sagen das die Meldung Falsch und voller Falscher Propaganda stecke!
    Zezowate szczęście ?

    Zezowate szczęście

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    Sicher ist, das steht für mich fest, dass dies aus einer Quelle entnommen ist, die alles andere als seriös ist und nur den faschistoiden Hass der kurdischen Separatistenbewegung aufpeitschen will und noch mit letzten verzweifelten Rufen ihre terroristischen Aktionen in Europa als eine Art befreiungskrieg darstellen möchte.

    Aber die PKK ist ja auch nicht mehr länger mit solch weit offenen Armen in Deutschland willkommen wie früher, man begrüßt die ja jetzt in etwas abgeschirmterer Atmosphäre, weil man die PKK ja offiziell al Terrororganisation ansieht.

    Falls Ihr euch fragen solltet, was diese Quelle direkt mit der PKK zu tun hat: die sind die publizierer solcher Art Agitationen.

    Aber die Quelle ist dennoch sicher SEHR objektiv (im Sinne unserer jungen Christdemokraten)
    „Wenn man nur dem Gehör geschenkt hätte, was Gott zum Herzen der Menschen gesagt hat, so hätte es niemals mehr als eine Religion auf der Erde gegeben.“
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau



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