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Thema: the pro-war christian fundamentalism

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    Zitat Zitat von McDozer
    At least you're one of the few sincere genuine seekers of truth on this block! As far as Paul goes: I think you're definitely wrong here, as Paul was the first to obey Jesus' commandment to got into all the world & preach the gospel to every creature, including the gentiles, otherwise there never would have been a Christian who was not a Jew. Peter & the others followed Paul's example. And he was definitely inspired by the Holy Ghost, which, if YOU were, you could tell.
    As far as the god of the Pharisees: Jesus Himself told them who their god was in John 8:44 "Ye are of your father the devil..." The Illuminati was in its original form always present in Israel (Solomon, one of Israel's greatest kings, became just as important to the occult as he was to the Jews & later Christians by his writings...). Why do you think the message of God's prophets to Israel was almost always one of doom? That same message can be applied to most of today's churches, which have been bought & bribed by the Illuminati & their countless little witchcraft branches...
    Hi again!

    Well, first of all: be careful while talking about witchcraft. Look in the old testament. We got an example of a 'classic wizard' there. This guy was chosen to lead a selected people out of slavery - indeed - Moses. Moses is always shown with a beard and a stick while having his arguments with Pharao (who was by the way stubborned by the LORD of Moses). What did this guy do? Well, he was showing up a little more than the wizards of Egpyt. :-> The Bible is talking about something like witchcraft here. Of course doing and trying these kinds of things or any witchcraft was forbidden to the people: the LORD would have lost control.

    Or think of the calf Aaron put up: how come that Aaron misled the Israelites? Did not Aaron mislead them? Who was punished? The Israelites! Stricter laws - it is that easy. Aaron stayed in position. So this action can be seen as a method to suppress the people - mislead and punish. The politicians stay in control - authorized by the LORD. But does that not hint us that in the desert the leaders and the people did serve several 'gods'?

    Look at the law in the old testament. What do you recognize? A law which is similar to today's Scharia. This just is a hint that the same (kind of) evil powers still do their politics as in the days of Moses and Aaron.

    Now to the psalms. What are they? - The psalms are callings. This can be seen as witchcraft by the way. Did you know that scriptures exist that correspond with the psalms. The 'Christians' seem not to recognize that there are some hidden powers in the book they consider holy. Why do some of them just use verses of the very book to argue? To tell you the way I see that: this is a kind of closed system they are shut in: can also been seen as witchcraft. And this used by the personalities that know - be sure of that.

    Better jugde the gods by their mentality - not just by the way you are told - not to jugde. Much is hidden to you - isn't that occult?
    Lüge und Wahrheit haben räumliche Ausdehnung.

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    Well, if you REALLY want some truth, I dare you to read James Perloff's book "Tornado In A Junk Yard".
    Very interesting ! On the one hand you call "us" brainwashed on the other hand you seem to believe that it´s enough to read one book to know the truth. Funny guy, aren´t you ?

    You may believe whatever you want. If you believe that "There will one come in his own name, whom you WILL believe!", then o.k., he shall come and perhaps if he has a lot of better arguments than you have I will believe, but at the moment HE is not in sight and I doubt that he´s even about to book his ticket.
    The method of threatening people with some diffuse "Black Man" that will come and take revenge for any misbehaviour or give reward for being nice may work with children, especially when christmas time is near, but are you really willing to tell these fairy tales to adults ?
    Faith in government defies both, history and reason!

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    @ Tarvoc

    His name will be "Chiren".
    Could you tell me a little more about that? How come you know his name?

    Or was that just irony?


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    Zitat Zitat von truth-searcher
    @ Tarvoc

    His name will be "Chiren".
    Could you tell me a little more about that? How come you know his name?

    Or was that just irony?
    No, that has nothing to do with irony. Chiren is the name of the Messiah mentioned in Nostradamus' prophecies.
    Nostradamus said that the Chiren will come in 2003.
    Die Bedeutung zahlt der Empfänger!



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